Burning Tree West program incorporates a solid foundation in recovery, life skills, school and work, wellness, and personal relationships. Our highly involved staff walks our students through their development with a personalized approach.Burning Tree West believes that a sober life is the key. The students in our care are given the opportunity to recreate themselves by applying the fundamentals of the twelve-step program while working with a supportive staff that understands addiction. Each student is individually coached on taking responsibility for their recovery and applying the twelve-step principles. Our curriculum is specifically designed to assure sustained sobriety, accountability, and a strong work ethic.

The transition from debilitating drug/alcohol dependency and co-occurring disorders associated with addiction to an exceptional world full of possibility is attainable for every young adult.

Successful Recovery

Abstinence from Mood Altering Chemicals and Behaviors
Regular Urine Testing
Daily AA Meetings
Community Service
Big Book Studies
Outside Sponsorship
Life Skills
Effective Time Management
Practicing Twelve-Step Principles
Meal Planning and Preparation
Grocery Shopping
Assertive Communication
Work Ethic
School/ Work
Career Planning
Staff Dialogue with Professors
Money Management
Family and Personal Relationships
Monitored Family Calls
Weekly Progress Reports
Family Workshops
Effective Family Communication
Authentic Friendships
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Medical Attention
Daily Exercise
Nutritious Diet
Personal Hygiene