The Family Program showed me how much I have to gain from taking emotional risks; how much I have to gain by stepping out from behind the walls of planning and self-protection; how much I have to gain by facing the disease and how it affects me. Through all of this I found pieces of myself, my spirit was rejuvenated and my relationship with my husband was renewed. In one single moment, we were new again, full of hope, possibility and love.


Nothing I can say speaks louder than my son’s own words upon his completion of the Burning Tree West program: “Although I had been in substance abuse treatment of all forms in the past, this program has been the one that has changed my life. Over the last year, I have been gifted a new life, one in which I’m not running from the law, my fears, my family, responsibilities, adulthood or myself. I have fantastic and healthy relationships today with like-minded people and, most importantly, with my family.”

I am grateful for Burning Tree West’s program; for their patience, firmness and dedication. This is not an easy or quick program, but for my son, short-term “detox” or 30-day programs were absolutely not the answer.