Recovery Academy

In our Advanced Skills House, we begin to put the focus on action. While there is still a high level of accountability and structure, clients in our Advanced Skills House start to go back to school or start new jobs. Our focus shifts from instruction and preparation to the practice of being a self-supporting adult. In this House, we help clients put the pieces in place for a successful life beyond sobriety.

Life Skills Action & Practice

Professional Clinical Services

Sober Skills and Recovery

The Advanced Skills House is for Young Adults Who:

  • Have 30 days sober or completion of 21-Day minimum primary treatment
  • Are less than one week removed from relapse following treatment episode
  • Need clinical programming support
  • Need structure while engaged with school or a job


What You Will Recieve in the Advanced Skills House:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 20 group sessions per week
  • One individual session per week
  • Mindfulness Training
  • EMDR
  • Sober Living Community and Accountability

Learn About our 3 Levels of Care

Download our Program Overview sheet to learn about our Sober Living Program. Our Program has three Houses. Each House offers a different level of care designed to fit you or your loved one.


What Will You Learn in the Advanced Skills House?

In our Advanced Skills House, our goal is to firmly place you on a path to become a self-supporting young adult. We accomplish this with an accountable program where you are assisted by staff as you start to gain independence through education and employment. We continue to provide clinical support to clients in this house. Clients still receive support and accountability in the following areas:

Budgeting & Personal Finance

Academic Accountability

Employment Support

Setting Standards and Values

Communication Skills


Goal Setting

Living in the Present

Managing Stress