Arizona Recovery Community Center – Tucson

What is a Recovery Community and Center for Drugs and Alcohol?

There are several different types of Recovery Centers in Tucson and across the United States.

Levels of care range from what needs you have and the seriousness of your affliction with drugs and alcohol.

Detoxification: If you are a chronic alcoholic or chronic relapser, you must start with detoxing your body. Detox can be so dangerous, you need medical treatment to properly remove the toxins of alcohol and drugs from your body.

Residential: The next level of care is residential inpatient, which means you live at the facility.

If this is your first time at treatment, then a 30 to a 90-day treatment facility can get you on the right track to sobriety.

Our sister facility in Austin, Texas is an example of a residential treatment center.

Call our admissions if you are looking for residential treatment options in Tucson. Burning Tree West does not offer residential treatment, but we can help you find a facility that fits your needs.

Aftercare or Transitional Living Services:  Burning Tree West is a transitional living facility and also has traditional sober living options.

Our transitional living program gives our clients the structure and accountability needed to work on sobriety.

We offer clinical services and give you an environment that lets you work on your 12 Steps and recovery.

What Should You Look For in a Recovery Center? 

A drug or alcohol recovery center should be serious about recovery. But it is difficult to tell how serious a recovery center is just by looking at the website.

Here are a few things to consider when picking a place to recover.

Are the other clients serious about recovery?

With chronic relapse, some clients who are in a sober living home have no intention on whether they are going to recover or not.

Often, some chronic relapsers are hoping to get out of trouble and mend relationships, instead of working on sobriety.

It’s important to ask how long clients stay for a traditional sober living facility. If it is not very long, then it will tell you that people are in and out of that facility.

Look at the outside of the building. Is it well maintained?

Is the facility well maintained? Is the lawn at the facility well maintained and kept up well? Is it clean? If you tour the facility, are the dishes in the sink?

If a facility cannot keep its outside maintained or get their clients to keep the facility clean, then they probably won’t have a program that will help you recover.

If the place cannot even remain clean how will they be able to work on the rest of your program?

Does the Recovery Center Help You with 12 Step Work?

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have gotten millions of people sober. It’s often the aspect of sobriety that works when nothing else will.

Ensure that the program you choose has a robust program to help you and encourages you to do the steps.

Does the Recovery Center Help You With Clinical Services?

Often sobriety and mental health problems like depression or trauma are so intertwined you need to treat both at the same time.

Make sure the place you go to can help you with both.

Addiction and Alcoholism are Chronic

If you are truly alcoholic or addicted to drugs, then this problem is not going away. It’s a chronic problem. It persists for a long time and is constantly recurring.

We say this to help you understand that if you do nothing for your addiction or alcoholism, no matter how much will power you possess,  you will drink and use again.

It’s critical that if you want to recover, you find a recovery center that focuses on your sobriety and gives you the support you need.

If you need help finding a good program that will focus on all the aspects needed to get sober, call our admissions line. Even if we do not have a facility for you in Arizona, we will help you find one.

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