sober college students

Attending College Sober

3 October 2018,

By: Jay Staples, Alumni Often college adults cannot see the line between “I am in college enjoying myself,” and “I may have a problem […]

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Why They Do It: College Students and Substance Abuse

21 July 2018,

    Substance abuse is a common problem among college students. The changing environment can lead to many new experiences. From increased freedom to […]

helping young adults through stressful times

Tips for Handling Stress in Young Adults

15 July 2015,

Stress in young adults is one of the prevalent themes we hear about in recovery. Stress can often lead to the desire to “make […]

pets role in recovery

Burning Tree West and Our Use of Pets to Aid in Recovery

4 June 2015,

We believe that pets are powerful allies in the fight against addiction. While familial bonds are often strained during addiction and recovery, the bond […]

approaching friends about their addiction

How to Approach Friends Who May Have a Problem with Addiction

6 May 2015,

The problem with helping an addict is often how we go about doing it. What we actually should be doing may seem counter-intuitive to […]