helping young adults through stressful times

Tips for Handling Stress in Young Adults

15 July 2015,

Stress in young adults is one of the prevalent themes we hear about in recovery. Stress can often lead to the desire to “make […]

pets role in recovery

Burning Tree West and Our Use of Pets to Aid in Recovery

4 June 2015,

We believe that pets are powerful allies in the fight against addiction. While familial bonds are often strained during addiction and recovery, the bond […]

approaching friends about their addiction

How to Approach Friends Who May Have a Problem with Addiction

6 May 2015,

The problem with helping an addict is often how we go about doing it. What we actually should be doing may seem counter-intuitive to […]

how to approach teens lying about addiction

How Should Parents Approach Teens Lying About Addiction?

28 April 2015,

The teenage years are a tumultuous time for both child and parent. In this transitional period, teens tend to rely on parents less and […]

What’s Under the Alcohol in Alcoholism: Examining the Causes and Patterns Behind Alcohol and Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions

15 April 2015,

Alcohol abuse rarely happens on an island independent of outside factors. Substances such as alcohol are commonly used to avoid or completely discredit underlying […]