Our Clinical Approach

Burning Tree West’s Clinical Program uses a strong dual diagnosis approach to recovery. Dual Diagnosis is when both substance use disorder and mental health are treated at the same time. We couple this approach with intensive life skill instruction so our young adult clients can live a life of excellence beyond sobriety.

Treat Substance Use Disorder

We focus on what works and treats alcoholism and substance use disorder. We use what has worked for millions of others, the 12 Steps.

Treat Mental Health

We use evidence-based treatment to treat trauma, anxiety, bipolar and depression, among other conditions that are often intertwined with substance abuse.

Life Skills Instruction

We teach critical life skills, like budgeting, self-care skills, academic skills, career skills, and nutrition and food prep skills.

Burning Tree West’s Clinical Services Are For You If:

  • You are someone who is having trouble staying sober after treatment because you do not have the life skills needed to live successfully.
  • You are a young adult and need continued one-on-one therapy to treat mental health conditions and substance use disorder at the same time.
  • You are someone who needs more structure, support and accountability so you can advance your life, your education and your career.



Completing Burning Tree West’s Clinical Program, You Will Walk Away With:

  • Advanced life skills that will help you tackle challenges that come up in life: budgeting, eating health, education, career and self-care.
  • Enhanced your life through evidence-based treatment that includes trauma healing, emotional regulation and spiritual growth.
  • Sober tools and a community so you can share a life of excellence beyond sobriety with others.

Our Clinical Services

Over the duration of your intensive sober living program, you will have the opportunity to work through the following therapies:



Equine Therapy


Mindfulness in Recovery


Family Workshop and Communications


One-to-One Weekly Therapy

Community Process Group

Weekly Psychiatric Services

“We are committed to helping you grow, heal and learn new skills that will improve your life and help you successfully live sober. We use the best therapies we can, the 12 steps and experience to help you transform how you approach life and live.”

Joshua New, LCSW, Clinical Director



“A lot of our residents come to us and get help with college. The best feeling in the world is when you can start having the residents look at what their future goals are. And then to see them start to achieve little objectives towards those goals. Like they completed their first semester, and they passed all their classes. It’s an awesome feeling. “

Holly Burnett Case Manager / Academic Manager

Learn About our 3 Levels of Care

Download our Program Overview sheet to learn about our Sober Living Program. Our Program has three Houses. Each House offers a different level of care designed to fit you or your loved one.