Continued Care for Sobriety and Structured Support for Continuing Education

Transitioning From Addiction Treatment to the Real World

Substance abuse and alcoholism can affect everyone in its path. Often young adults who crossed the threshold into addiction and alcoholism cannot complete college or stay in a job.

Parents usually have high hopes that when their son or daughter leaves a 30 or 90-day treatment facility, they will be healed and ready to return to normal life.

Addiction is a mental disease and if it is not continuously treated, then relapse is inevitable.

Burning Tree West’s College Program gives your son or daughter the opportunity to ease back into school while caring for mental health disorders and treating addiction.

Colleges and Burning Tree West
While easing students back into school, we make sure your son or daughter has the right support, professional care, and community to be a successful student and to fully embrace a sober life.

With Prima Community College and the University of Arizona close to our facility, we are able to help your child grow self-esteem, responsibility and rediscover their passion.

Our transitional program helps young adults see that they can balance recovery with their personal life. With our Recovery Community, they can build camaraderie and focus on working a 12-step program.

GED, Local Colleges, University, and Trade Schools

Burning Tree West meets your young adult where they are at, and helps them create goals that build passion based on their needs and wants.

With only 16 beds in our transitional living facility, we are able to give concentrated, professional care to each client, which ensures they have a program that fits their needs.

Students are eligible to start an online class during Phase 1. Academic time is included in the daily schedule. Students work with the Education Coordinator to enroll, access tutoring, and complete their classes successfully. High school classes and college preparation are also available online.

During Phase 2, students are encouraged to take 12 credit hours and maintain a GPA of 2.75 while attending the University of Arizona or Pima Community College. If students are not enrolled full-time in college courses they may work full-time and attend school part-time.

We help students get familiar with the school environment, assessment testing, class selection, registration, study skills, time management, and tutoring.

The Education Coordinator collects the syllabi and secures quarterly evaluations directly from professors.

Through the assistance of the Burning Tree West program, our students average above a 3.0 GPA.

See more details about our program, here.

What Services does Burning Tree West Offer Young Adults?

Through the Burning Tree West program, young adults who have completed high school or hold an equivalent degree are supported through each step of the enrollment and attendance process at local colleges, trade schools, and universities.

The Education coordinator helps students select courses, set goals, develop key skills, monitor grades. Your young adults will also be in a recovery community of sober young adults pursuing education or work.

Burning Tree West College Program participants also continue meeting a therapist on-site, attending groups, and working the 12-steps.

The bottom line however is that sobriety comes first.

Dual Diagnosis: Mental Health, Addiction, and Education

Many of our clients struggle with addiction and mental health disorders and other issues. Mental health is often so intertwined with addiction that it requires professional help.

We offer clinical services to our clients. With the same services as an Intensive Outpatient Treatment, clients have access to Master’s Level Clinicians who offer treatment services.

Our clinical services are only offered to our clients in our programs.

Want to Learn More?

If you need to find a program that is affordable — compared to other premier college recovery transitional services in the country — then call our friendly admissions professionals. They can answer questions you may have, or help you find the program that best fits your needs.

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