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Sober Living Tucson
College Track for Young Adults who have Substance use disorder
College Program

Get help staying sober and receive structured support with your education.

Sober Living Tucson
Professional Program

Be in a structured program that helps you with your recovery and your profession.

From Substance Abuse to Sobriety: Find the Best Transitional Path for Your Loved One

The recovery journey starts when your loved one leaves treatment, whether they are leaving a traditional treatment center or a wilderness camp. Transitional Living is critical for successful relapse prevention in young adults.

It’s critical to set your son or daughter up in a program that will help them transition and implement the tools and skills they learned in treatment. A supportive environment with structure, accountability, and Master’s level care can help your loved one stay sober while pursuing college or a profession.

Burning Tree West’s recovery community offers an affordable alternative to expensive transitional facilities while giving your loved one professional care and treatment for mental disorders and addiction, a recovery community with like-minded individuals, and a safe and structured environment.

Young Adult Transition Focused on Specialized Care

Recovery Community

Mental Health & Addiction

Master’s Level Clinicians

Collegiate Program

Healing of the Southwest

Burning Tree West Combines Southwest Culture and the 12 Steps

Burning Tree West in Tucson is designed to help young adults strengthen their foundation in recovery so they can develop a life of excellence beyond sobriety.

Whether that is continuing education, entering the workforce, or developing their creativity, the BTW team is here to foster and help enlarge the meaning in their lives.

Burning Tree West is concerned about young adults life-long sobriety. We are the premier but affordable place to transition to a sober member of society.

We help college students graduate from college, move on with their life and launch into a loving family member and productive member of society.

We combine therapy, the 12 steps and the culture of the southwest to help your loved one experience the passion of being a responsible and reliable adult.

Treatment Plans that Fit Your Loved One

Burning Tree West is a small facility with 16 beds in our transitional Young Adult program and 31 beds in our sober living. This allows us to provide individualized care for each resident.

Our treatment plans utilize a phase system to help set expectations and achieve goals and milestones in their recovery. Clients will work with a primary therapist, recovery coach, and academic coordinator.

Our treatment consists of the 12 Steps integrated with clinical care. We want residents to identify their maladaptive ways of coping and thinking. At the same time, we want residents to identify their positive attributes.

Our expertise is rooted in recovery and accountability. If a client ever needs specialized treatment we network with the best providers here in town.

A Small Community that Builds Camaraderie

Your loved one will join our small community that will build healthy and lasting relationships with other clients who are pursuing a sober life and growth.

Residents will develop skills that promote independence and self-sustainability. We focus on life skills and the building blocks of healthy living while also cultivating an atmosphere of
community, connection, vulnerability
and honesty.

While they will be part of a recovery community, they will also have time to connect with themselves, others and to follow a goal like finishing college or entering vocational training.

Structured Care and Transitional Program for Young Adults

Students are immersed in the foundation of sobriety using a 12-step recovery process. They also meet with an academic coordinator, therapist, and recovery coach.

Our state-licensed transitional housing for chemical dependency is designed to integrate our clients back into life slowly instead of diving in alone.

We expect that while helping our residents that challenges will arise. We know that following your passions oftentimes starts with some failures. We provide residents a safe place to try new things, make mistakes, fail, and learn therapeutic tools to cope and overcome setbacks.

Our goal is to give your loved one the autonomy and support they need to live a life free from addiction.

At Burning Tree West we offer the following:

  • Fully furnished two-story townhomes with Wi-Fi, security systems, big screen TV, washer and dryer in the home, and a private parking lot for your vehicle.
  • Shared or private rooms are optional.
    24/7 staff is onsite for monitoring, support, and safety.
  • Centrally located in Tucson near many great restaurants, Shopping, and Whole Foods within walking distance.
  • Access to VASA Fitness.

We also have a phased approach for our Transitional Extended Care Program.

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