Is Alcohol Making You a Bore?

Boredom is often cited as a reason for drinking to begin in a person’s life.  You wanted to be entertained, feel social, or dance like no one was watching. Somewhere along the line someone, or many people, convinced you that alcohol was a magic elixir for boredom, providing instant fun and excitement for everyone who imbibed.  Eventually, alcohol use can lead to addiction, and to a lifestyle that incorporates alcohol into almost every activity. People who wish to quit alcohol due to the many negative consequences of substance abuse may fear that their lives will become boring, and they will turn into a boring person as a result.  The truth is that heavy drinkers unknowingly become boring through the process of addiction, as they become increasingly absorbed in their desire to get drunk and unable to maintain fulfilling relationships. The idea that sobriety will make you less interesting is entirely backward. It is far more likely that alcohol is already making you the boring person you fear becoming.  

Life of the Party

For many of us who began drinking as a social lubricant, the thought of enjoying ourselves at a party without alcohol can seem impossible.  We may believe that people like us more when we drink—that we are funnier, wittier, and more charming after a few cocktails. In almost all cases, this story we tell ourselves is far from reality.  Once you become sober, you may begin to observe this phenomenon in those around you that continue to drink. Alcohol may give you a false sense of confidence, but it also slows down thinking, slurs speech, and lowers inhibitions, often leading to socially unacceptable behavior.  And yes, even your dancing becomes worse under the influence of alcohol, although it may feel like you are working some of your best moves.

Alcohol doesn’t only lead to cognitive impairments that make for bad conversation and embarrassing behavior but can also turn you into the friend that always requires a babysitter.  The truth is that no matter how “fun” you think you are after a few drinks, nobody is fun after ten of them. If your friends have had to pick you up off the floor or hold your hair back while you vomit at parties, chances are they didn’t find those experiences especially enthralling.  In fact, chronic episodes of binge drinking can be a real bummer for everyone involved. Sobriety means never having to embarrass yourself or become a burden on your friends again.  

Experiences Make You Interesting

Truly interesting and dynamic people are those who have had genuine life experiences that allowed them to evolve and become better human beings.  Alcohol abuse takes the ability to experience new things and learn new skills away from you, turning your life into an endless procession of half-remembered nights and foggy, nauseous mornings.  Sobriety gives you the gift of time, time in which you can learn new skills, visit new places, and strengthen your body and mind. You are guaranteed to become a better conversationalist and well-rounded individual by shifting your focus from drinking to self-development.  Nobody wants to talk to the sloppy drunk at the party, but everyone wants to chat it up with the well-traveled photographer, or whatever hobby you may choose to pursue with your free time!

Aside from the time, and often memories, you lose when you are drunk, sobriety helps you regain all the time you often waste nursing a hangover.  Severe hangovers can leave you nearly useless for up to two days at a time, and create anxiety and depression that lingers long after the alcohol has left your system.  For those with alcohol use disorder, a common response to the misery that accompanies hangovers is to drink again. This cycle leaves you paralyzed in life, unable to work towards a goal or discover new people and experiences.  Sobriety will not only grant you the gift of time but also renew your energy and motivation to do more things that bring you joy and fulfillment. 

Alcohol Doesn’t Promote Creativity

Many people subscribe to the misconception that drinking allows you to perform well creatively, and without alcohol, you will lose all inspiration.  This idea might be perpetuated by the high rates of addiction among entertainers and artists, but the truth is that many creative people choose to become sober because substance abuse was ruining their career.  What may be a more likely explanation for the connection between addiction and art, is the high rate of mental illness experienced by people who tend to think outside the box. 

Historically, many artists, musicians, and comedians have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with anxiety and depression.  Many of those same creative geniuses either died as a result of substance abuse or found sobriety was their only hope of surviving and continuing to have success in their field.  If you find yourself drinking to promote creativity, chances are that you are actually limiting your full potential. Sobriety will allow you to further develop your creativity in all aspects of life, making you an all-around more interesting person in the long run. 


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