Recovery Academy

Life Skills Instruction & Preparation

Professional Clinical Services

Sober Skills and Recovery

The Life Skills House is for Young Adults, 18 – 30, Who:

  • Have less than 30 Days Sober
  • Are seeking alternative option to traditional inpatient care after failed attempts
  • Need intensive clinical therapy to treat mental health and substance use disorder
  • Need to develop Life Skills
  • Need a high level of accountability

What You Will Recieve in the Life Skills House:

  • 24 Hour, seven days a week staff presence with clients
  • 20 group sessions per week
  • One individual session per week
  • Mindfulness Training
  • EMDR
  • Sober Community and Accountability

Learn About our 3 Levels of Care

Download our Program Overview sheet to learn about our Sober Living Program. Our Program has three Houses. Each House offers a different level of care designed to fit you or your loved one.


What Will You Learn in the Life Skills House?

In our Life Skills House, our goal is to firmly place you on a path to become a self-supporting young adult. We accomplish this with an accountable program where you are with staff 24-7, through our clinical programming and our Life Skills programming. In addition to receiving therapy and learning sober skills you will learn skills in the following areas:

Establishing Healthy Routines

Developing Study Habits to Prepare for Academic Pursuits

Developing Daily Disciplines to Prepare for Employment

Setting Standards and Values

Communication Skills


Goal Setting

Living in the Present

Managing Stress

Focused on Your Mental Health with Professional Clinical Services

All clinical services are included when enrolled in the Life Skills House.



Equine Therapy

Mindfulness in Recovery


Family Workshop and Communications

One-to-One Weekly Therapy

Community Process Group

Weekly Psychiatric Services