Long Term Sober Living That Gives You Structure and Accountability for Life-Long Recovery


Burning Tree West’s Long Term Sober Living facility is specially designed for addicts and alcoholics who need extra support and help when transitioning back into society.

Why do Drug addicts and alcoholics need long term sober living?

— If left untreated, then the symptoms of alcoholism and addiction will return.

— It takes continued support, treatment, and care to stay recovered.

— After you leave a 30 or 90-day drug treatment center, it’s imperative to continue treating your disease.

— You need to continue to treat mental health problems and addiction at the same time.






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Burning Tree West is based on a long-term treatment center that started in 1999

Sober living and transitional living services for alcoholics and addicts in Tucson, Arizona.

Burning Tree West is based on Burning Tree Ranch’s transitional program that is specifically designed for chronic relapsers, or clients who have gone to multiple treatment centers and cannot stay sober.

— We’ve taken what we have learned over the last 20 years and applied it to our transitional program at Burning Tree West.

— We give you the structure and accountability needed for long-term recovery.

— We provide a community of like-minded people who want to stay sober.

— We help you get back on your feet by helping you get back into school or by starting work.



Who is Burning Tree West for?

This program is for young adults who need help transitioning into a sober way of living. It’s for people who suffer from alcoholism or substance use disorder who:

— Know they need more support after they leave treatment.

—Want a place that is supportive, accountable, and caring.

—Want a program based on a successful treatment plan.

—Want to be able to focus on the qualities of long-term sober living.

—Want to place to continue treating and caring for their addiction or alcoholism

What’s Different about Burning Tree West?

Sober Living Tucson, Picture of interior of Burning Tree West.

Burning Tree West focuses on the traditional 12 steps and also helps teach it’s clients to be resilient as they pursue life on sober terms. Burning Tree West is a small community of like-minded people trying to get sober.

Burning Tree West also offers outpatient-like services for its clients so they can continue to work on their mental health.

Burning Tree West focuses on the following areas:

  • Recovery
  • Family Workshop
  • Life Skills
  • Family Communication
  • Academics


Burning Tree West located in the Beautiful Southwest

Burning Tree West - long term sober living

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Fulfill Your Discharge Plan

Did you know a discharge plan is just as important as going to treatment? 

— When you leave treatment, they should give you a discharge plan. If you follow that plan you increase your ability to stay sober dramatically.

— Burning Tree West gives you the environment, community, and support to fulfill your plan of continued treatment.


12-Step Based Treatment

Burning Tree West’s program is based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

— Learn to do the steps as they were taught when the book of Alcoholics Anonymous was written in 1939.

— Get a solid understanding of the spiritual malady and the reasons you cannot stay stopped and why you keep relapsing.

— Find a solution that has worked for millions of people across the world.


Mental Health Care 

Our highly trained team is licensed and qualified to provide a range of therapeutic modalities for several commonly co-occurring mental health disorders, including:

  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD


If you want a professional long term sober living facility, this program can help you:

— Continue to treat the chronic disease of alcoholism and addiction.
— Continue to heal and treat mental health disorders.
— Get psychotherapy from experts.
— Live in a community of like-minded individuals.
— Have a life of freedom from addiction and alcoholism.


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