Phase 1

Students are immersed in the foundation of sobriety using a 12-step recovery process. They will begin working with a qualified sponsor selected for them by our staff. 12-Step immersion allows students to learn, speak, and incorporate the language and principles of recovery. Burning Tree West’s curriculum includes a strong academic component, individual and group therapy, life skills training, community service, effective time management, and work ethic coaching. Students can take a maximum of one online class during this phase.

Long Term Recovery Program in Tucson

Burning Tree West provides long-term treatment solutions to alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse that combine the fundamentals of the 12-step program with individual coaching designed to meet the needs of each resident

  • Phase 1 – A structured program designed to develop a foundation to support a healthy, successful, sober life rooted in 12-step principles.
  • Recovery – Students begin to learn, speak, and incorporate 12-step principles working through the steps immediately with a qualified sponsor selected by staff. Daily meeting attendance is required. This phase has a high accountability and structured environment that allows the students to practice 12-step principles in a safe and sober community. Completion of Phase 1 requires 90 days drug and alcohol free.
  • Academics – Students are eligible to start an online class during Phase 1. Academic time is included in the daily schedule. Students work with the Education Coordinator to enroll, access tutoring, and complete their classes successfully. High school classes and college preparation are also available online.
  • Family Communication – Families receive regular updates on their student’s progress as well as coaching on developing and maintaining a new relationship with their loved one. Al-Anon is recommended and encouraged.
  • Family Workshop – There will be one workshop held during Phase 1. This workshop gives the family an opportunity to get to know the staff and philosophies of Burning Tree West. We partner with the families to help them establish boundaries with their loved one during the recovery process.
  • Life Skills – Daily work ethic, accountability, personal hygiene, food preparation, time management, and problem-solving skills are developed through the experience of their daily activities.

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