Phase 3

Students continue all activities from Phase 1 along with an extensive educational component. They are coached on submitting applications, selecting appropriate courses, and communicating with professors. Students take a maximum of 12 college credits per semester, and are closely monitored to ensure success. Money management is taught through budgeting with a bi-weekly stipend for 3 months. Students are coached on writing resumes, pursuing careers, continuing their educational goals, as well as acquiring employment.

Phase 3

  • Students have an opportunity to grow toward becoming autonomous & self-supporting while being in a safe and sober community.
  • Recovery – Students will continue abstaining from drugs and alcohol while progressing in their education and career aspirations. They will be actively involved in carrying the message to others, as well as becoming role-models to those in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Students are required to attend three off property 12-Step meetings, and two campus meetings per week.
  • Education/Work – Students in Phase 3 will continue pursuing their academic goals, or maintaining employment with the encouragement of the BTW staff and community. They will continue to work closely with the Education Coordinator to maintain their GPA, course load, and academic plan.
  • Life Skills – Students will continue to have support practicing the skills they acquired at Burning Tree West through balancing recovery, education, health, work, and a social life. This semester empowers the student’s independence by mirroring a self-sufficient life with the benefits of a sober community.
  • Family Workshops – The Third family workshop held during Phase 2 will focus on the family as it will move forward. This creates an opportunity for loved ones to set intentions and boundaries for the future.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction

Whether it is their first time facing substance abuse or they have been through treatment before, we encourage you to reach out to us to find out if our programs are the right fit. Burning Tree West is one of Burning Tree’s several recovery options, and we would be happy to connect you with the resources that are most appropriate for you. Call 888-530-9424 or send us a message online.

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