Burning Tree West

At Burning Tree West our passion is working with young adults and supporting them in taking their recovery to the next level.

We see the endless potential in each of our clients, and work with them to see the opportunity that awaits them.

Our goal is to not only meet clients where they are at, but where they dream to be.

The Difference Between Abstinence and Recovery

When beginning the journey of sobriety as a young adult, abstaining from substances is often one of the first successful challenges completed, but then what?

In most cases substance use disorder requires long-term action, beyond just abstinence, and that’s where the power of recovery kicks in.

Recovery allows young adults to heal and begin to create a life for themselves beyond what they have envisioned.

Finding Meaning and Purpose

Our goal is to show young adults a life beyond sobriety by discovering their purpose and what they are passionate about. We want to enlarge the meaning in their lives.

Young adults in recovery have a world of opportunity ahead of them, a true chance to set goals and begin achieving them.

Whether this is beginning college for the first time, continuing education, or taking a non-traditional route, the main goal is to find your purpose and begin taking action.

The Importance of Life Skills

The never-ending debate of “why should I make my bed in the morning?” will continue.

However, the value in it for young adults is that they are able to begin their day with a positive accomplishment, which can influence the productivity of their entire day.

Life skills are not only helpful to complete day-to-day tasks, but they instill healthy habits.

Certain life skills seem more important, such as cooking, cleaning and budgeting.

However, it’s the smaller ones that can make the biggest impact on one’s recovery, such as the practice of being on time and working as a group to accomplish tasks.

These skills will be used continuously throughout life and recovery.

We teach our clients to go beyond life skills. We teach the skills that promote independence to make our clients self-supporting.

We also teach resilience. Following a passion or dreams is difficult and often starts with failure. We give clients a safe place to fail and the therapeutic tools to cope and overcome their setbacks.


Find your community and lean in! Getting to connect with a group of peers is essential in recovery.

With community, one is gifted accountability and support to help with any obstacles that may arise.

Take the opportunity of connection to be of service to others.

Conquering Fears

Re-enrolling in school, making amends, preparing to walk into a job interview are all opportunities that can bring us fear.

Whether it’s because of being placed on academic probation previously or being rejected/fired from the last job it is important to keep moving forward with meaning and with the community you have built to support you.

Conquering fear allows for continuous and immense growth.



This blog post was written by Alexis Spalla. Alexis works as a Burning Tree Admissions Specialist and works at our Burning Tree West campus in Tucson, Arizona. Burning Tree West helps young adults needing residential treatment and adults in need of traditional sober living.