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Arizona Sober Living Provides Support Needed For Long-Term Treatment

Sober living in Arizona can range from halfway houses to sober living homes that offer additional services like therapy. Some sober living homes are designed for transitional housing. Others are designed to help clients learn to transition into society after treatment.

Why is Sober Living Important?

Addiction and alcoholism are chronic diseases. Often families and individuals think that the addict will be transformed and healed after drug treatment.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services states that people suffering from substance use disorder have the same relapse levels as other chronic diseases, like diabetes.

If diabetes is left untreated, a relapse is imminent. The same is true with substance abuse. If the chronic diseases of alcoholism or addiction are not treated after going through a treatment program, then old patterns of thinking will emerge. Relapse is imminent.

Long term sobriety after addiction treatment will be much more difficult to achieve.

For people suffering from the chronic disease of alcoholism, a structured sober living home after treatment is one of the best ways to create long term recovery. It provides a sober living environment, a recovery program that encompasses 12-step meetings and group therapy.

What is Burning Tree West Sober Living?

Burning Tree West sober living offers Arizona a recovery house with structure, accountability and community for its residents.

Burning Tree West is based on a program in Texas called the Ranch. Burning Tree Ranch is a long-term, 8-14 month residential drug and alcohol treatment facility that started in 1999. After residential treatment, our clients go to aftercare, which is a structured and accountable program to help our clients transition back into society.

We’ve taken our successful aftercare component and applied it to Burning Tree West Sober Living.

At our Sober Living facility in Tucson, Arizona, we offer recovery coaching, UA monitoring, individual therapy, case management and medication management.

Need Help Transitioning from Treatment to Society?

Learn more about our structured sober living program in Arizona. Learn how you can add structure and accountability to your sober living and experience long-term recovery. We have small facilities to provide the best level of care, and to ensure recovery remains personal and ethical. Learn more about our sober living program.

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About Burning Tree Programs

Burning Tree Programs is a family-owned company that offers four treatment options.

Burning Tree West, The Fullbrook Center, Renewal Lodge and Burning Tree Ranch. We have been providing ethical, family owned treatment since 1999.