Sober Living Tucson, Picture of interior of Burning Tree West.

Six hours southeast of Las Vegas is Burning Tree West’s sober living homes and transitional living facility in Tucson, Arizona.

Sometimes, when you are working on long-term recovery, it’s better to travel to a different area for rehabilitation. If you’re serious about recovery, you should consider it.

Choosing to go to rehab outside of Las Vegas could be good for your recovery. One of our partners wrote that traveling for rehab can enhance your long term recovery. It doesn’t just help you, but it can help your loved ones as well.

  • It’s too easy to leave treatment
  • Gives family time to heal
  • Get away from “old” friends
  • Get outside your comfort zone

Our program gives the people of Las Vegas, Nevada a close enough place to home, but far enough away to get out of your comfort zone and truly focus on long-term recovery.

West Based on Successful Chronic Relapse Program

What’s more, Burning Tree West is based on a long-term residential program in Texas called Burning Tree Ranch. The program started in 1999 and only works with chronic relapsers or clients who have had multiple relapses and gone to multiple treatment centers.

We have based our sober living and transitional living programs on Burning Tree Ranch. From what we have learned over the last 20+ years, we know you need accountability and responsibility to make long-term recovery work.

We also know that some people suffer from more than just substance abuse and need help with their mental health. As a result, our recovery community focuses on the 12 Steps and services you would find in an outpatient program.

We combine counseling, psychiatry treatment, and group therapy together while encouraging our members to focus on Alcoholics Anonymous.

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We have small facilities to provide the best level of care and to ensure recovery remains personal and ethical. Learn more about our sober living program.

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