Burning Tree West’s testimonial page reinforces what an amazing facility we have and what an impact Burning Tree West has on it's residents and their families.
What People Have to Say...

“We are really pleased with how well Nathan is doing. He has grown into a thoughtful and caring (and sober) young man!
Thank you for allowing this to happen.”



“Our daughter Kim attended this program when it was originally run by Gatehouse. We are truly grateful and blessed that the staff there were able to help her successfully transition into society. I am more than happy to contribute to this and am answering your questions via this email. Please thank Will, Susan and all the staff there for all that they did to help Kim with her transition from rehab into the real world! Thank you so much.
Forever grateful,”

What was unique about the Burning Tree West program?
I think the best part about this program is that it gave our daughter a SAFE place to continue her sobriety after being in a long-term treatment facility. The staff took time out to talk to family members and took time to answer any questions or concerns we had for our daughter. They also had our daughter sign off on established rules so she had a plan set in place to continue her sobriety in a loving and safe home environment. This program is unique because of the loving and caring staff. If it weren’t for Will, Susan and others running this program, then it wouldn’t be as amazing as it is. They are the key to it’s success.

What 2-3 things did you value most about the Burning Tree West program?
This program was extremely important in our daughter’s sobriety because it gave her a safe way to transition back into the real world. Relapse is always a big concern when someone first leaves a treatment facility. The Burning Tree West program established a safe place for our daughter to learn how to re-enter into society again. I valued the open communication that was established between the staff, my daughter, and ourselves. I valued the rules that were in place for our daughter so she was able to transition smoothly into the real world.

I also valued the love and care that the staff took towards our daughter and other young adults in this program. They even had a New Year’s eve outing where they took our daughter and the other young adults camping to a very special area in Arizona. The staff cared enough to take time out of their personal lives so our daughter and others in the program could have a safe, fun, and happy New Years! Now that’s unique because they treated our daughter like their own family member.

How have your lives changed since transition?
Today our daughter is clean and sober and is living a happy and productive life. I think the transition program gave her a “test-run” for the real world so she could transition safely back into society. If she didn’t have this important part then she may have relapsed. I believe the transition program was key to her success today. Our lives have changed because we no longer live in fear for our daughter. We know she has the tools that are needed to stay sober and the rest is up to her. This program gave her the best start of a new sober life. We are all a happy family once again and this is such a blessing and a gift. We can now openly communicate among each other. Our daughter has been given a gift of life and having her back again sober has changed our lives for the better. We are forever grateful for this amazing program and the staff.

A recommendation for the Burning Tree West program
Perhaps the only recommendation would be that computer access be available. This was difficult for our daughter. She was in school and did not have the ability to access the computer due to not having any internet available in the house.
[ED note: We now have wireless internet everywhere plus free computers for residents to use]
A thank you to staff
I would like to personally thank Will and Susan for helping our daughter become the beautiful young lady that she is today. The two of you were instrumental in allowing her to grow up and learn how to cope with challenges in life. We love you dearly and are forever grateful for your support and for helping Kim be the success that she is today.
May PEACE be with you . . . Namaste