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Depending on your situation, quality sober living can be one of the key components to reliable, long-term sobriety.

Many people struggling with substance use disorder do not realize that they are suffering from a chronic problem.

If they do not stay in a sober-living environment that promotes continued substance abuse treatment and care for their addiction, relapse will happen.

The unfortunate thing is that many people leaving a 30 to  90-day treatment center either do not get a discharge plan or if they do, they do not take it seriously.

Addiction is a Chronic Disease

Chronic means something is continuous and it lasts a long time. Our addiction and alcoholism are chronic and its symptoms will come back if treatment is stopped.

The American Medical Association states that addiction is a chronic disease. Addiction has similar relapse rates that other chronic diseases have, like hypertension and asthma.

If you don’t treat them, you relapse. Addiction and alcoholism are no different. Chronic relapse is common. That’s why long-term treatment is so critical for people in recovery.

If you leave treatment without a relapse prevention plan and no way to continue to care for your addiction, you are headed for trouble. This is the reason high-quality sober living is so important for your recovery.

Components that Promote Quality Sober Living

Key components to a quality sober living facility should complement your discharge plan that you get when you leave a dug or alcohol treatment center. Sober living homes have an environment that encourages further development and treatment.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous states that a person suffering from chronic alcoholism needs a huge emotional rearrangement. The book states that old ideas, emotions, and attitudes need to be cast aside for new ones.

The book also states that being sober and recovery are dependent on growing this new attitude towards life. Getting this new attitude and way of living is what treatment is truly about.

You want to go to a sober living home that enhances this component for you, has a supportive community, and has other people who are serious about recovery.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to continue to treat your alcoholism on your own.

Strong Sober Living Community

A supportive community is imperative for recovery.

If you go to a sober living home where the majority of people living there are not serious about recovery, then that support system needed in recovery will not be available.

Community and peer support are important aspects to consider. Your sober community helps you stay on track, helps you stay accountable, and is a good influence on you.

Building new relationships with people who struggle like you do and want freedom as you do creates deep bonds.

Participation in a 12-Step Program Required

Alcoholics Anonymous, Drug Addicts Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous are all dependent on the 12 Steps.

Your sober living house should have a requirement to attend a certain amount of recovery meetings. But even more, it should require you to get a sponsor, carry the message to other alcoholics at a hospital, institution, or at a treatment program.

Extra Care

Most sober living facilities have a requirement to go to Alcoholics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous meetings. However, for a chronic relapser, it takes a lot more than meetings to treat addiction.

Often people who have substance abuse and mental health issues that are intertwined with their addiction. Make sure your program will keep you accountable by seeing your therapist and going to group therapy and IOP-like services.

Otherwise, you won’t be treating the chronic disease of addiction like you should when you first get out of rehab.

Make Sure it is Well Maintained

If the outside of the house is not maintained, then how do you think the program they offer inside the house is maintained?

If there are cracks in the foundation of the house that have not been maintained, what else is there that is missing? If you go to a sober living home and dishes are piled up in the sink, then where is the accountability that is needed for recovery?

If the house seems like it is in disarray, unorganized or unclean, then it’s probably not a house that has high standards for its residents. If you choose to go to a place that is not maintained well on the outside or the inside, then your program will suffer.

Helps You Develop Your Skills & Helps You Find Work

You want a place that will develop skills that promote independence and self-sustainability. Quality sober living should focus on life skills and the building blocks of healthy living while also cultivating an atmosphere of vulnerability and honesty.

Burning Tree West not only helps you find a job, but it also helps you find a bigger purpose. It gives you room to try new things and practice resilience.

The reason is that we want to help our residents when challenges arise because they will. We know that following your passions oftentimes starts with some failures. We provide residents a safe place to try new things, make mistakes, fail, and learn therapeutic tools to cope and overcome setbacks.

Professional Staff

A quality sober living program should have fulltime staff that are professionals in the recovery industry.

For example, Burning Tree West has an Education Coordinator and Case Management worker that can help residents work on their education or find a job.

Burning Tree West also has a clinical director and therapists on staff.

Make Sure it is Safe

While it’s important to ensure the facility is in a safe part of town and close to employment, it is also imperative that the facility promotes safety.

Is there a safety officer that works there? Burning Tree West has a facilities maintenance and safety officer who ensure residents and staff are safe.

Small Facility for Individual Treatment

Burning Tree West is a small facility with 16 beds in our extended care and 31 beds in our sober living.

This allows us to provide individualized care for each resident. Our treatment plans utilize a phase system to help set expectations and achieve goals and milestones in their recovery.

Clients will work with a primary therapist, recovery coach, and academic coordinator. Our treatment consists of the 12 Steps integrated with clinical care.

These are implemented with an approach from positive psychology.

We want residents to identify their maladaptive ways of coping and thinking.

At the same time, we want residents to identify their positive attributes. Our expertise is rooted in recovery and accountability.

If a client ever needs specialized treatment we network with the best providers here in town.

Structure and Accountability

Ultimately, you want a place that will help you stay accountable and give you the structure you need to build a new life based on sobriety.

When you are searching for a quality sober living home, ask them to see a schedule of what is expected of you. If they cannot offer one it might not be the best place to further treat drug and alcohol addiction.

You want a place that can help you make the right choices.

Check for availability at Burning Tree West

If you need help finding a facility or want to learn more about Burning Tree West please call our admissions team. We have small facilities to provide the best level of care and to ensure recovery remains personal and ethical. Call us to check availability.

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