Scared to Go to Treatment

Going to rehab can be scary, whether it is your first time or if you have gone several times.

It’s scary to go to rehab because you are trying to stop using drugs or alcohol, and up until this point, drugs and alcohol have been your way to deal with life. 

Stopping it brings a great unknown. But millions of people have been in your position and have gotten sober. Here are a few things to remember before you go to rehab.

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Professionals Trained to Take Care of You

Remember, at an ethical treatment center you will find trained professionals who are there to help you. The clinical team and registered nurses and psychiatrists and recovery coaches are there to support you and help you learn a different way to respond to life. Professionally trained staff will help you navigate treatment and the recovery process. They will guide you and help you feel safe while you transition to a sober and free life. 

Feeling with Negative Emotions

It’s difficult to face shame and guilt, especially after everything we have done on our sprees or while we were “out there.”

No one wants to look in the mirror and see their own mistakes. 

However, being able to do so in a safe, therapeutic environment gives you the ability to respond to those emotions more effectively and sanely. 

Long Term Plan to Stay Sober

With an ethical treatment center, you will also get a plan for long-term treatment

That’s the goal, for you to be sober. The treatment center will treat you while there, give you the proper therapeutic treatment, the proper 12 step environment while preparing you to live on your own. 

But when you leave treatment you will not be healed. You will need a plan when you leave to continue to treat your alcoholism and addiction. 

Treat Underlying Mental Health Issues

On top of a treatment team helping you with substance use disorder, they will help you with any underlying mental health issues that you might have. 

Dual diagnosis treatment treats both mental health and substance use disorder at the same time. Both are often so intertwined it requires experts to determine what is what. 

With the right professional care, you will get both treated simultaneously. 

Creating a Better Life for You and Family

Ultimately you will build a better life. We all stop because we have hit some type of rock bottom. 

But when going to treatment, it will help your loved ones heal while you heal. Addiction is bad for everyone, especially for those who are close to you.