What is Extended Care?

Transitional Living is for someone who was previously in a 30 to 45-day treatment center. Transitional Living prolongs treatment care and is a continuation of time spent in a rehab facility.

Burning Tree West offers a Collegiate Transitional Living Program, which helps young adults transition to a responsible, productive life after treatment.

Burning Tree West  curriculum includes:

  • A strong academic component
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Community service
  • Effective time management and work ethic coaching.

Why is Transitional Living Important?

When in treatment, the realities of the world do not weigh heavily on clients. And if they do, then there is an entire staff of professionals there to help the client through their troubles.

Once someone comes out of treatment, it is like they are leaving a bubble. Once they leave, life starts happening again with a new and old set of challenges.

If the person with a substance abuse disorder leaves treatment without the proper tools and support, then their road to recovery will be in peril.

Leaving treatment without the support of a team and a safe environment to experience some of these challenges is crucial.

In the bubble they are doing intensive work like 24 hour counseling, support, and redirection. Then all of a sudden when the client leaves, that is taken away.

Transitional Living care provides a safety net.

When new experiences come up that might be a little bit anxiety producing or frustrating, someone can process through those emotions and give suggestions to navigate those challenges.

Providing Structure with Transitional Living Care

It’s difficult enough for young adults without substance abuse to build structure and accountability in their life. If you add the diseases of alcoholism, then it becomes that much more challenging.

Burning Tree West’s Collegiate Transitional Living Care Program is different because it is extremely structured. It is based on a 20-year-old program in Texas.

The program — Burning Tree Ranch — is a long term residential treatment center that can take up to two years to complete.

Taking what has been learned from that program, Burning Tree West focuses on structure and the 12 Steps. The goal is to help clients grow and learn in a healthy and effective way.

Reinventing Yourself Through Healthy Habits

Transitional Living care is an opportunity for someone to start reinventing themselves.

For example, the day starts with morning meditation and setting an intention for the day. Then clients will make their bed and take care of chores.

In the afternoon, clients will have academic time, do work on the 12 steps, and complete treatment assignments. They will also take a finance class for budgeting. Clients are also expected to volunteer somewhere.