Continued Treatment for Addiction Recovery and Structured Support For Your Career

Treating Addiction and Working

Addiction is a disease. If it is not treated properly, then relapse will occur. When chronic relapse becomes an issue, it can be detrimental to a family.

Burning Tree West’s Career and Work Program gives your son or daughter the opportunity to ease back into a life where work can be a priority again while remaining sober.

Treating the Entire Person

Often with someone who has substance use disorder, mental health and addiction are intertwined.

Many young adults struggling with addiction also struggle with mental health disorders and other issues. Addiction is often so intertwined with mental health disorders and requires professional help.

Our clients receive Master’s Levels Clinician care similar to intensive outpatient treatment. Our client’s suffering from dual diagnosis is a top priority.

Entering the Workforce Again After Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment teaches you the skills and tools you can use to stop relapse and stay healthily sober.

Transitioning into a sober member of society can be difficult. Life itself has problems. Couple those problems with recovering from addiction, and suddenly work, social events, and normal everyday life can become scary and unmanageable.

Transitioning back into work and society and navigating the ups and downs of life with a strong recovery community, clinical experts, and proven treatment will help your son or daughter.

Burning Tree West is a place for your Young Adult to transition. Whether you’re loved one is going to college or is working, we have a detailed program that will give them the support they need to grow and stay recovered.

How Does Burning Tree West Help Young Adults After Rehab?

Burning Tree West supports your loved one’s work and their recovery in many ways:

  • Writing Resume
  • Life and Work Skills Development
  • Supportive and Active Recovery Community
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Goal setting
  • Master’s Level Clinical support

Burning Tree West’s supportive and professional staff helps your loved one learn to handle everyday life challenges that arise from work, career, new relationships, and recovery.

The goal is to have your son or daughter completely reintegrate into society and work while using strategies and skills to stay sober.

Start Your Recovery Journey with Burning Tree West

Burning Tree West’s Career Program empowers your loved one to get the support they need to stay sober while working and starting a career. Call us today if you’d like to learn more about Burning Tree West.

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